The Rhythm Ryde Group is an all-encompassing community of group fitness classes orchestrated to the beat of the music. Roughly every 6 weeks, we change the formula to the class, so your body can continue to work efficiently and see the results wanted. We offer several avenues for community, fitness, and mind-body synergy. Rhythm Ryde prides itself on creating the perfect balance between high-intensity and fun. You won't find another group fitness studio like this. You should plan on coming prepared to sweat, smile, dance, laugh, and most importantly exceed your own personal goals.


Ryde (Heavy on Cardio, Toning and Endurance, while on Light Strengthen)

Our indoor cycling class, which is a rhythmic is offered at 45, 60, and 90 minute options which focuses on strengthening your mind and body awareness through an all-encompassing workout. Each class is recreated with new, old, and remixed music. Your instructors create a space where you will work all parts of the body, while also learning to connect with yourself on a deeper level. (100% on the Bike) 


Boxing Bootcamp (Heavy on Strengthening and Toning, while Light on Cardio and Endurance)

Rhythm Power Boxing is a 45 minutes boxing workout, which focuses on a full body workout that increases agility, as well as focuses on toning and strengthening the entire body. The class atmosphere is set up, so you feel like you are in an underground fight club. The room is blacklight lite with the use of aqua bags and body weight movements. This class compliments our spin class intensity and insanity. The goal is to be to the rhythm of the music for the most intense workout. 

Our studio in DUMBO near downtown Brooklyn is open 7 days a week and pop-up series that includes celebrated trainers and The Rhythm Ryde group’s top instructors. Our studio is 7,800 square feet of magic with the top of the line sound systems, yoga mats, weights, bikes & locker rooms. You will lose yourself and be able to center your mind in order to take on the outside world. Our studio is an oasis and a sanctuary of sorts, offering refuge from our wonderfully busy city. Our most popular class is our indoor cycling in rhythm-based full-body workout. One of the most efficient indoor cycling studio workouts in Brooklyn and NYC, this is designed for people looking to not only sweat, but also realize results visually and mentally.

WARNING: Classes may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Individuals discretion is advised.