Joey - Founder


“Time is the most valuable commodity, it should never be wasted.”

I am the founder, co-owner, and head instructor at the award winning Rhythm Ryde. I am an ex-D-1 football and track athlete at a top 25 University in sports. After an injury, I pursued finance, then later found my way back to fitness, where my passion and heart stayed.


Nada - Co-Owner


“It never gets easier, you just get stronger.”

I am co-owner, head of recruiting and training at Rhythm Ryde. I am an ex-ballerina and dancer, where trained at Ballet School Lujo Davicho Belgrade. I latter received a bachelor’s degree in computer science and graphic design, but chose to model for nearly a decade. I found my passion for health and fitness while traveling the world modeling for elite brands and luxury designers, wanting to build something that was not a big box company and that would focus on community and social integration.